Waiver Forms

Each year, all BCR participants must sign waivers for the City of Boulder, USRowing, and BCR.

  1. US Rowing Requires Electronic Signatures. Please visit https://membership.usrowing.org/.

    First-timers should Look under ‘Individuals’ and click on ‘Join’. Follow the prompts until you have signed-up and signed the waiver. OUR CLUB CODE IS W6DDJ.

    Previous members should find the Individual ‘Members’ menu and click on ‘Sign Waiver’. You will need your individual membership number. There is a ‘Forgot My Member Number’ link if you don’t have that handy. OUR CLUB CODE IS W6DDJ.

    On the US Rowing site, all athletes will be asked FOUR SAFETY QUESTIONS. There are no repercussions for missing any or all of the safety questions. These questions are educational only and give USRowing feedback on how our athletes understand safety within our sport. Even if you happen to miss ALL of the questions, you will still have signed the waiver successfully.

    There is a $5.75 fee for Basic Membership in US Rowing (new in 2016).

  2. The two waivers for BCR & The City of Boulder can be downloaded electronically, printed, and signed. Click here to download the two BCR & City of Boulder Waivers.

  3. Signed waivers may be returned to the magazine rack inside the BCR boatyard shed, or they can be emailed as a signed .pdf document to membership@boulderrowing.com

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