Sculling Safety Requirements

Certification requirements (last updated May, 2017)

Bow in blind boats/Coxswain

  • Show good decision making on and around the water when handling equipment. Show capacity to instruct fellow rowers on boat handling.
  • Ability to look back while rowing and being familiar with Boulder Reservoir and its obstacles. Showing awareness of other boats and anticipation to their movements.
  • Familiarity with rules and regulations regarding weather circumstances and traffic rules on Boulder reservoir and abiding by them.


  • All of the above.
  • Ability to safely transport boat from rack to water and back by yourself, or knowing you need help if you are not a solo carrier.
  • Ability to dock on starboard and port, bow first as well as stern first.
  • Rounding a buoy both on starboard and port, while rowing as well as backing.
  • Showing ability to safely turn single right-side-up and climb back in after flipping the boat, or show ability to straddle and swim to shore.
  • Being able to back for approximately 30 yards.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Riverturn.

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