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Boulder Community Rowing 2015 Programs Document

Latest edit: April 7, 2015

Program fees are established to pay for coaching plus club overhead (boat repairs, upgrades, replacements, etc). If session attendance does not meet the requirement to pay for a coach, plus a minimum 20% contribution, the session will be modified or cancelled. Modifications will most likely include reducing the number of coached days to meet the financial requirement. The remaining program days will become uncoached rowing days according to the schedule. Such modifications will be determined by the affected coach and the rowers on, or before, the first day of each session. Refunds may be provided where the session is cancelled or a rower chooses not to participate in the modified program. If a program is overloaded with participants, the club will consider additional coaching resources for the program.

Winter Erg Programs
Two erging programs are available; Fitness and Intensive. You do not have to be a club member to participate in these programs.

The Fitness Program combines erging with core and strength exercises and individualized technique coaching. It will be a mix of erging and bodyweight circuit exercises, designed to be an all-in-one sort of class. There will also be more technique instruction, so if you are someone who is working on body position (legs-back-arms-arms-back-legs) and slide control, this class is for you. All three classes are with a coach.

The Intensive Program is intended for people willing and able to erg for a full 60 minutes three times a week. To prevent injuries from improper erg technique, additional technique training outside the class may be required.

The workouts will be focused on aerobic fitness with high intensity pieces and a training plan. Classes will be erging only, two days with a coach present, and one planned workout day without a coach. These all-erging sessions include a variety of planned intervals, totaling 50-70 minutes, broken up into segments. This program is designed for rowers who want three hard rowing workouts each week, to increase fitness through the winter.

Erging programs run for four weeks, January, February, March, April and a Holiday session November/December.

Fitness MWF 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
Fitness 1 January (1/5 through 1/30)
Fitness 2 February (2/2 through 2/27)
Fitness 3 March (3/2 through 3/27)
Fitness 4 April (3/30 through 4/24)
Fitness 5 Holiday (11/16 – 11/20 and 11/30 – 12/18)

Intensive TTH 5:45 a.m. – 7:05 a.m. (w/coach) Sat. 7:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. (no coach)
Intensive 1 January (1/6 through 1/31)
Intensive 2 February (2/3 through 2/28)
Intensive 3 March (3/3 through 3/28)
Intensive 4 April (3/31 through 4/25)
Intensive 5 Holiday (11/17 – 11/21 and 12/1 – 12/19)

COST: $65 per each 4-week session or $275 for all five sessions. Drop-in fee: $10 per session.
Learn to Row (LTR) and Learn to Scull (LTS)

NOTE: LTR and LTS participants must be able to swim 200 yards and lift 50 pounds over their heads.

Learn to Row
The goal of LTR is to introduce individuals to the sport of sweep rowing. Each session includes an introduction to the boat and other equipment, safety on the water, rowing body mechanics and fitness. For those interested in pursuing rowing further, Novice programs are scheduled to follow LTR sessions. Program enrollment is capped at eighteen (18) participants per session. The LTR fee includes participation in the subsequent Novice session at no additional cost to the rower. After that, the participant will have the option of joining the club as a full-fledged member and continuing training.

All four LTR sessions will run concurrent with Learn to Scull (LTS).

COST: $125 for one session.

Learn to Scull
The goal of LTS is to introduce individuals to the sport of rowing as a sculler. Different from sweep, in a scull the rower operates with two oars instead of one. Boats range in size from 1x, for one person (“single”), 2x, for two people (“double”) and 4x, for four people (“quad”). Each session includes introduction to the boat and other equipment, safety on the water, rowing body mechanics on an erg and on the water, and fitness.

Enrollment is capped at eight (8) participants each session in order to ensure the coach has adequate oversight of all rowers on the water at all times. In addition, on Saturday and Sunday experienced club volunteers will be on the water in singles to demonstrate skills, or in a double with students to stabilize the boat as students build skills.

In this program students will become familiar with the equipment used for sculling and begin to build a skill base, which will allow them to operate a boat independently. Upon completion of LTS, individuals who wish to continue to use BCR sculling equipment must pass the scull certification test that can be administered by the coach during the program. Please refer to the club rules regarding the two-stage certification process for equipment use.

The LTS fee includes participation in the subsequent Coached Sculling session (or Novice Sculling if offered) at no additional cost to the rower. After that, the participant will have the option of joining the club as a full-fledged member and continuing training.

COST $175 for one session

Friday evening, 5:00 pm-7:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday mornings, 6:00 am-10:00 am.

LTR or LTS I: May 1 – 3
LTR or LTS II: May 29 – May 31
LTR or LTS III: June 19 – 21
LTR or LTS IV: July 18 – 20


Novice Program
Novice program is open to anyone with the desire and physical ability to experience sweep rowing beyond LTR, and for rowers with previous experience who are returning to the sport at a basic level. The primary focus of Novice is to continue rowers’ introduction to the sport in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, build fitness without injury, and acquire a set of basic skills enabling them to advance.

Each Novice session is four (4) weeks long.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 5:15 am-7:00 am (Novice VI, 5:45 am – 7:30 am)
Novice I: May 4 – 29
Novice II: June 1 – 26
Novice III: June 29 – July 24
Novice IV: July 27 – Aug 21
Novice V: Aug 24 – Sept 18
Novice VI: Sept 21 – Oct 15

COST $70 per 4-week session or $350 for all 6 sessions (paid by the end of session I).

-Novice program concentrates on skill development through drills. This will include rowing technique, etiquette and vocabulary, equipment handling including carrying the boat safely, boat parts/terminology and correct foot stretcher/oar height placements. As soon as reasonable, training will end with 10 to 20 minutes of continuous rowing each day.

-Embedded within each Novice session is coxswain training. All rowers in the Novice program will be expected to cox their share of the time. The “fair coxing” guideline rotates program members to ensure coxing duties are spread across all rowers. Rowers will learn and practice coxing skills essential to ensure safety of the boat and crew during carrying, launching, steering and docking. Reasonable coxswain skills (sufficient to safely cox practice sessions) are required to graduate from the Novice program. Novice rowers may only advance to other programs with the Novice AND next-level coach’s approval.

Experienced Program
This group is open to anyone with at least Novice sweep experience who wants workouts to improve their skills and conditioning in a supportive environment. Designed to be the largest group with the broadest range of abilities, the Experienced program includes members of various levels of ability – competitive rowers who cannot or don’t wish to commit to Competitive programs, seasoned rowers who want a workout and technique training, and members who have recently graduated from the Novice level.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 5:15 am-7:00 am, (except Experienced VI -5:45 am – 7:30) Saturday 6:00 am-8:00 am.

Each session is four (4) weeks long. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

One day per week will be non-coached (workout provided by the coach).

Experienced I: May 4 – 30
Experienced II: Jun 1 – 27
Experienced III: Jun 29 – Jul 25
Experienced IV: Jul 27 – Aug 22
Experienced V: Aug 24 – Sep 19
Experienced VI: Sep 21 – Oct 17

COST $70 per 4-week session or $350 for all 6 sessions (paid by the end of session I).

$10 Drop-in rate (BCR members) with prior approval from the coach and paid in advance on Regatta Central.

-Experienced combines fitness with technique for the development of more competent and fit rowers. Participants can expect their days to be a combination of rigorous workouts and technique building. Workout length and intensity will gradually increase over the sessions and the year, in response to both rowers’ input and to how well they are acquiring technique and building fitness.

Summer Rowing Program
The Summer Rowing Program is intended for current college rowers who want to maintain their fitness and improve their skills over the summer. The program will include five days of rowing and dry land fitness training (3 days are coached).

June 1 – July 31
Program and Membership Fee: $400

Racing Program
Racing program is open to rowers who want to compete. Participation necessitates a more rigorous commitment of time, training and money than other BCR programs. Travel and accommodations are the responsibility of each participant. Additional group costs for entry fees, equipment rental, coach and cox travel, etc will be estimated at the start of the session and will be assessed at that time. If a participant drops out and a replacement is not found, the group will decide if a refund is due.

Race 1 – Masters Regionals June 26-28, 2015, at Vancouver Lake in Vancouver, Wash. – 6-8 weeks T/Th 5:15 to 7:00 am April to mid-June

Race 2 – Masters Nationals on 8/13 in Camden, NJ –7 weeks T/Th 5:15 to 7:00 am July to mid-August

Cost varies depending on coaching level:

  • Coached sculling and sweep training – fee includes two days a week coaching, entry fees, boat rental and coach/cox costs at regatta.
  • Uncoached sculling (1X or 2X) and sweep (4+) training – includes workouts and training with coached program but no coaching, entry fees, boat rental at regatta (designed for self-organized boats.)
  • Regatta attendance only – fee includes entry fees, minimal coach support at regatta and boat rental.

Self-Organized Rows
Astute readers will note that the Experienced Sweep program days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. This leaves Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday open for self-organized rows and private lessons. The Racing Program will have priority for boats on Tuesday and Thursday. Early hours access to the reservoir is not guaranteed on these days if the Racing Program does not run. In that case, you will need to make arrangements with a coach if you want early hours access.

Regattas in addition to targeted Racing Session regattas
Regattas are divided into the following categories:
1. Club sponsored
2. Member organized
3. Coach Select Regattas

All BCR members are welcome to attend club sponsored and member organized races throughout the year. Members rowing in Experienced or Novice who wish to race may arrange and pay for separate racing coaching outside of the scope of their programs. Any member can assemble a team to participate in any race with club equipment in accordance with club by-laws. However, Racing Program members receive first priority of equipment at the target races if BCR trailers boats to those races.

Club Sponsored:
The club regattas are open to anyone who wants to race, BCR will trailer boats and a coach will be paid to organize. Participants will be required to pay for individual entry fees plus an additional regatta fee of $15. A minimum level of participation is needed in club sponsored regattas to cover costs. If minimums are not met, rowers will have the option to participate at an increased cost.

• Boulder Sprints – June
• Row the Rockies – July
• Dillon Challenge – August
• Wichita Frostbite – October

Member Organized:
Member organized regattas are events in which rowers self-organize, with coach support if wanted. All fees are paid by participants.

Whether the club competes in any or all of these regattas depends on interest and the willingness of a member to step forward to organize. Club regattas that members have attended in the past include:

January – Mile Hi Sprints
February – Crash B’s
March – Tempe Desert Sprints
April – San Diego Crew Classic
September – Head of the Wolf
October – Pumpkin Head
November – Head of the Hooch.
Coach Select Regatta:
Head of the Charles – 17-18 October, Boston MA

A select regatta is a highly competitive event for which members can try out and will be chosen by the designated coach. Members will be expected to train and (if necessary due to numbers) compete for seats.


Coached Sculling
Participants must have completed LTS or a similar introductory sculling program, or have prior sculling experience. The days may vary in theme but will primarily be focused on technique rather than fitness. The number of participants per day is limited to eight (8). We do keep a waiting list and additional sessions may be created to meet demand.

Each Coached sculling session is four (4) weeks in length. Coaching will be provided two days per week (Tuesday & Thursday).

Tuesday & Thursday, 6:00am – 7:30 am
Coached Sculling I: May 4 – 30
Coached Sculling II: Jun 1 – 27
Coached Sculling III: Jun 29 – Jul 25
Coached Sculling IV: Jul 27 – Aug 22
Coached Sculling V: Aug 24 – Sep 19
Coached Sculling VI: Sep 21 – Oct 17

COST $70 per 4-week session or $350 for all 6 sessions (paid in advance of session I)

Extra Sessions may be added if there is sufficient demand. Also, watch the website for Advanced Sculling Technique Days and Sculling Clinics.
Hourly Coaching / Private Lessons

Members also have the opportunity to schedule private lessons with the coach of their choice. All private lessons will be scheduled through the Club on Regatta Central. Fees are $50 / hour for sculling (including pairs and private boats) and $65 / hour for BCR owned fours, eights and quads .

Private lessons may be shared (e.g. semi-private) at the above rates as long as all parties, and the coach, agree to the arrangement. One member will pay the fee on Regatta Central and the others will reimburse them in cash, a beverage of their choosing, or other consideration.

Coaches are not allowed to arrange private lessons “on the side” due to insurance requirements and legal liability. Coaches are responsible to ensure payment is made in advance on Regatta Central.

NOTE: This document is subject to change mid-season as may be required due to membership interest or feedback.

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