Coached Sculling

Coached Sculling

Participants must have completed LTS or a similar introductory sculling program, or have prior sculling experience. In addition, each rower must be certified by a BCR coach to use a club boat without coach supervision. The number of participants per day is limited to eight (8). Additional sessions will be added

See the ‘Calendar’ or Regatta Central for the session dates. All start times are ‘at the gate’ times.

Novice/Intermediate Coached Sculling Schedule

Tuesday 5:30 AM -7:00 AM
Thursday 5:30 AM -7:00 AM

Advanced Coached Sculling Schedule

Friday 5:30 AM -7:30 AM
Saturday 5:30 AM -7:30 AM


Each session is eight (8) weeks long and is focused on getting ready for a target race or races.


– Participants must pay applicable membership and fees prior to participation in programs or use of club equipment. Contact the club Treasurer if you want to set up an extended payment plan. The Treasurer or their designee will provide a member list to program coaches prior to session start dates to determine who is program-eligible.

– Scheduled sweep programs are divided into concurrent sessions so that members can move fluidly between all programs at the end of each session. The exception is Novice and LTR programs which are scheduled separately from Experienced and Racing. However, opportunities for Novice members to join Experienced part way through a session are available. Program fee will be pro-rated.

– All groups will have access to equipment, coaching, coxing and other resources based on the club’s equipment policy.

– Extra rows and additional water workouts can be organized by any member with or without a coach, provided they ensure their resource requirements do not conflict with other programs. Self-organized rows must comply to the club’s Equipment and Safety Policies.

– Sculling programs have priority for sculling shells. On any given day if there are sculling shells available that have not been reserved by a member, a sweep program coach may choose to use them.

– If deemed necessary by a coach and/or the Equipment Manager, periodically (but generally not more than once every two (2) months) an equipment maintenance session will replace on-the-water practice. Sweep and sculling rowers may not have advance notice of this and will be expected to participate in needed maintenance activities.

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