Membership includes access to the Boulder Reservoir; with Club Membership, there is no daily entrance fee to the Reservoir (otherwise, the City charges $6.50 per entry for adults). Members also have access to all Club equipment, in accordance with the Club Rules (See Section 2 of Club Rules). Please see the Members Handbook for more details.

Membership Options

Full – This is our general membership that is valid for the full calendar year. Sign-up

Full Membership with BCR includes a Boulder Reservoir pass and before gate hours access privileges to the reservoir when a coach is present. The membership also gives you access to the equipment and the ability to register for coached programs.

Drop In – If you are a visiting rower, do these two things: Contact Head Coach, Veronika Platzer, to indicate the DAY (s) you would like to row and a few sentence describing your rowing background, skill set. Once she has confirmed your participation, go to RegattaCentral (BCR with resumes to get access to this free membership.

Please provide a credit card on Regatta Central payment. Contact the Treasurer if you would like to make other payment arrangements.

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