Full Membership with BCR includes a Boulder Reservoir pass and before gate hours access privileges to the reservoir when a coach is present. (otherwise, the City charges $6.50 per entry for adults).   Sign-up

Please sign our waiver here.


$230/year. This covers the following expenses:

  • Your entry fees for the Boulder Reservoir
  • 10% of the rental fee we pay to the Boulder Reservoir for the use of the land at the reservoir, a small portion of which is allocated to the basic membership fee.  All members are benefited by having the shed and safety launches at the reservoir.
  • The $3000 fee paid to staff the gate during early entry hours.
  • Dock maintenance done by the Boulder Reservoir Staff
  • Administrative fees to run the club



$310/year.  This is an additional fee for use of the club’s equipment that used to be part of membership fees. Anyone wishing to use the club’s equipment must pay this fee. This fee covers equipment storage and maintenance of the club’s boats, launches and oars. Any excess funds will be used for equipment purchases. Any person wishing to use club equipment must pay the Equipment Use Fee. This includes private use, program use and clinic use.




Drop In – If you are a visiting rower, do these two things: Contact Head Coach, Veronika Platzer, to indicate the DAY (s) you would like to row and a few sentence describing your rowing background, skill set. Once she has confirmed your participation, go to RegattaCentral to pay for the drop in fee and email her your receipt to verify payment.

Coxswain– Coxswain memberships are free of charge for individuals willing to volunteer as a coxswain for 26 program practices. Prior approval is required. Coxswain memberships include access to equipment and a BCR Reservoir Pass. It does not include monthly Program Fees. Sign-up

For Coaches and Coxswains, please e-mail us BCR with resumes to get access to this free membership.

Please provide a credit card on Regatta Central payment. Contact the Treasurer if you would like to make other payment arrangements.

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