What should I wear to practice?

Avoid baggy clothing that can get caught in the slides (the track that your seat rolls on). Most rowers wear spandex-like shorts, capris or tights depending on the weather. For tops, athletic tops that provide a good range of movement are usually more comfortable. Since rowing is an aquatic sport, it is best to wear synthetic materials, like polypropylene, that will dry fast and keep you warm even when wet. It’s usually chilly first thing in the morning so layer up. There is space in the boat beneath your feet to store an extra layer part way through practice. For people with longer hair, a hat, visor or headband is recommended to keep your hair out of your face.

For footwear, bring a pair of socks to wear in the boat. While getting ready to launch, sometimes your feet will get wet. Most rowers wear a pair of water sandals/shoes and then carry their socks separately until they get in the boat.

In addition, don’t forget a water bottle and sunscreen! There is room in the boat to store a water bottle.

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