What if I can’t make it to practice due to work/family/travel?

With the exception of the sweep racing program, other programs do not have an attendance policy. With that being said, it is important to communicate absences to the coach so they can plan accordingly. Last minute cancellations can greatly affect the team because a boat can’t go out on the water without the correct number of rowers.

When you enter a program, you will be given contact information for the coaches. Last minute cancellations (sick kids, car trouble, etc) should usually be communicated with text messages or voice calls. For planned absences, you will be provided with a link to Google spreadsheets that will allow you to tell the coaches up-front when you will have to miss (simply put an X in the cells corresponding to the dates you will be absent). The coaches generally check these the night before and possibly the morning of practice to ensure they will have proper line-ups.

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