I am visiting Boulder and am interested in rowing with BCR. What are my options?

There are three options for guests to row with BCR.

  1. Row as a guest with the Experienced or Advanced Sweep program. Guests may row with the experienced program for $20 per day. This includes the cost of Reservoir admission. Sweep rowers must have at least one year of rowing experience, sign all waivers and notify the club before coming. There is a limit of 8 guest rows with the program per calendar year. Please contact the Head Coach and pay the drop in fee to arrange a guest row.
  2. Row with another BCR member. Guests can row with another BCR member as a sponsor. Please pay the drop in fee with a limit of 3 per calendar year. All waivers must be signed before rowing.
  3. Take a private lesson. Non-members are welcome to take private lessons with BCR coaches.

Please refer to club rules and the Programs document for more details.

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