Can I take sculling boats out on my own?

For your safety and the safety of BCR’s equipment, there is certification process for scullers to take boats out on their own. There are two levels of certification: Level 1 for novice scullers and Level 2 for advanced scullers. Since our sculling equipment is on a replacement rotation to prevent our fleet from aging at the same time, access to sculling equipment is tiered. Level 2 certified scullers have access to all club-owned sculling equipment. Level 1 certified scullers only have access to designated equipment.

Level 1 Certification:

  • Rower has demonstrated understanding of basic boat-handling skills.
  • Rower is able to carry the boat and oars down to the water on own either overhead, on shoulder, or with dolly.
  • Rower is able to demonstrate awareness of personal safety and safety of other boats/people on the water.
  • Rower has demonstrated basic boat-handling skills on the water, including rowing, backing, turning in place, launching, docking, stopping quickly, and looking over the shoulder to steer.
  • Rower has performed a “flip test” with a BCR coach present. Must demonstrate ability to either get back into boat or swim to shore using the boat as a flotation device.
  • Rower has attested to acknowledgement and understanding of the risk involved in participation in a water sport and unsupervised use of BCR equipment. Rower has been instructed to carry a PFD for safety.
  • Rower has demonstrated an understanding of safe and unsafe water, weather, and wind conditions. Knows traffic pattern and best ways to handle large wakes from speedboats. Understands merit of staying close to shore and uses good judgment about when to get off the water.

Level 2 Certification

  • Must have steered 30 certified laps in another sculling boat
  • Must have additional coach permission


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