Sweep – Skills and Drills

This monthly program is ideal for folks who want to refine and sharpen their skill set without the added pressure of selection and training pieces.


Tuesdays, Thursdays:  5:15- 6:45 am


Bridget Guccione


At minimum, must be enrolled in Novice program.


May Term- Tuesday, May 8th – Thursday, May 31st (8 classes)

June Term- Tuesday, June 5th- Thursday, June 28th (8 classes)

July Term- Thursday, July 5th (no class July 3rd)- Tuesday, July 31st (8 classes)

August Term- Thursday, Aug. 2nd- Tuesday, August 28th (8 classes)

September Term- Tues, Sept 4th- Thursday, Sept. 27th (8 classes)

October Term- Tuesday, Oct. 2nd- Thursday, Oct. 26th (8 classes)


$140 per month.  A member may pay $625 up front for all sessions. This represents a 34% discount.


– Experienced combines fitness with technique for the development of more competent and fit rowers. Participants can expect their days to be a combination of rigorous workouts and technique building. Workout length and intensity will gradually increase over the sessions and the year, in response to both rowers’ input and to how well they are acquiring technique and building fitness.

– Coaches will determine the best method for planning line-ups in one of three (3) ways. a) Coaches may request your rowing availability for the following week; b) Coaches may make line-ups based on who shows up that day to practice; or c) Coaches may use a combination of a) and b) as they see fit.

– As much as possible, participants will be boated with others who share their goals for the row, as well as similar levels of fitness and skill. Depending on numbers the coach has some flexibility to place different focus on different boats in the same practice, e.g. drills and technique vs longer, steady pieces. Participants should recognize there are times when this arrangement cannot completely meet their individual goals.

– Each Experienced session must have at least nine (9) participants (8 rowers and 1 coxswain, or 9 rowers). If there are less than nine, the Programs committee will evaluate the situation and coordinate with the coaching staff to decide on the best course of action to address the need for coaching and the challenge of a small number of participants. This may include combining Novice and Experienced sessions on some days, especially late in the year when numbers typically decline. If an Experienced session is truncated, rowers who want to pursue a different option will be offered a pro-rated refund for the remainder of the Experienced session.

– In the event there are more boats than coxswain members participating in an Experienced session, the “fair coxing” guideline will be employed to spread coxing responsibilities around to all participants fairly. All rowers in the program are expected to cox if no dedicated coxswain is available.

– Based on coach discretion and rower interest level, the coach may structure workouts to include elements of racing such as racing starts, and can train Experienced rowers for local regattas such as Boulder Sprints and Row the Rockies.

– In general, rowers who wish to join the Racing Program must first develop in Experienced to continue building their skills and fitness to ensure greater success. The Experienced and Racing coaches will coordinate to decide when an Experienced rower is ready to advance to the Racing program – there is no set timeline; an individual who expresses the desire to join Racing will be evaluated for rowing ability and fitness. In order to meet the needs of a sizable Experienced group with diverse skill levels coaches may have boats at multiple locations on the water simultaneously. This strategy will help maximize continuous rowing time, plus accommodate varying speeds of different types of boats (2-, 4+ and 8+) and rowers with various expectations and abilities. The coach may also coordinate with Experienced program participants who are qualified and checked out for sculling equipment, to have these rowers scull in order to maximize rowing opportunity for all participants. In this case the use of sculling equipment by Experienced rowers cannot interfere with sculling programs or other reservations to use sculling equipment. The Experienced coach will distribute his/her time between all Experienced boats to the best of their ability to provide equitable coaching and ensure safety of all participants.


– Participants must pay applicable membership and fees prior to participation in programs or use of club equipment. Contact the club Treasurer if you want to set up an extended payment plan. The Treasurer or their designee will provide a member list to program coaches prior to session start dates to determine who is program-eligible.

– Scheduled sweep programs are divided into concurrent sessions so that members can move fluidly between all programs at the end of each session. The exception is Novice and LTR programs which are scheduled separately from Experienced and Racing. However, opportunities for Novice members to join Experienced part way through a session are available. Program fee will be pro-rated.

– All groups will have access to equipment, coaching, coxing and other resources based on the club’s equipment policy. (http://boulderrowing.com/member_details.html#Equipment_Access)

– Extra rows and additional water workouts can be organized by any member with or without a coach, provided they ensure their resource requirements do not conflict with other programs. Self-organized rows must comply to the club’s Equipment and Safety Policies.

– Sculling programs have priority for sculling shells. On any given day if there are sculling shells available that have not been reserved by a member, a sweep program coach may choose to use them.

– If deemed necessary by a coach and/or the Equipment Manager, periodically (but generally not more than once every two (2) months) an equipment maintenance session will replace on-the-water practice. Sweep and sculling rowers may not have advance notice of this and will be expected to participate in needed maintenance activities.

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