Skills and Drills

New format for this program!  Skills and Drills is now a one week program (2 practices) for folks to take in addition to other programs they are participating in.  It is ideal for rowers who want to refine and sharpen their skill set.  Skills and Drills will be held the third week of each month, June – August.  Enroll for one, two or all three sessions.

If you would like to participate in a specific boat or as a set crew, e.g. Sykes for sculling or Vada Le for sweep, or in smaller boats, please contact Bridget so the session can be planned to obtain the maximum benefit.


June Session: Tuesday 6/19 and Thursday 6/21:  5:00- 6:45 am

July Session: Tuesday 7/17 and Thursday 7/19:  5:00- 6:45 am

August Session: Tuesday 8/21 and Thursday 8/23:  5:00- 6:45 am



Bridget Guccione


At minimum, must have previously participated in Novice program


$35 per session (two practices)

Note: there must be a minimum of 6 participants for this class to take place.

Sign up at: RegattaCentral

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