Board of Directors


Every year, the composition of the Board of Directors changes with new volunteers bringing new energy and a new point of view. Here are the board members for 2017:

Deane Little – President (
Joanna Clark – Vice President (
Kris Koval – Secretary and Coaching Committee (
Wendy Gutcher – Coxing (
Greg Hoffman – Membership and Marketing (
Rhonda Ahrens – Fund raising, Finance (
Greg Winkler – Marketing, Learn to Row

We have the following committees and volunteers

  • Boulder Sprints: Krista Bohme.
  • (

  • Coaching: Chairperson Kris Koval and Mitzi Nicoletti.
  • ( and

  • Equipment: Veronika Platzer (Head Coach).
  • (

  • Finance:Rhonda Ahrens, Meredith Howe
  • Marketing and Membership: Greg Winkler, Deane Little, Greg Hoffman.
  • (,, and

  • Programs: Leah-Kim Brown, Wendy Gutcher, Joanna Clark, and Chairperson Tom Carr.
  • (,,, and

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Meredith Graham (

The club could not function without the help of off-the-water volunteers. Please offer to help if your name is not on this list! We can always find a spot for new volunteers.


Deane Little
Deane Little started his rowing career at Reed College, but promptly dropped out to play rugby instead. Realizing his mistake years later he picked up crew at grad school and his been rowing and racing ever since, at Oak Ridge Rowing Association, Stanford Rowing Club, Chinook Performance Racing and BCR. Deane is a ten time US and Canadian national rowing champion in a wide range of age categories due to his advanced age. When not rowing he is CEO and Chief Science Officer of Boulder clean tech company New Sky Energy.

Joanna Clark

Kris Koval – Kris started rowing in 2015 to keep up with her teen-age sons (who row with CJC) and has now recruited her husband J.P. to join BCR as well. She is a recovering lawyer and recently spent 6 weeks with her younger son in Sri Lanka, teaching English to monks and renovating temples. When she’s not rowing, she enjoys skiing (downhill, telemark, back-country, and nordic!), hiking, traveling, and photography. She and her family are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer and hope to eventually climb most of the Seven Summits.

Greg Winkler – Greg started rowing in 2013 and is a former shot-putter, discus thrower, and cyclist. He loves the people who row and the technical aspects of rowing. A geek by day and a massage therapist by night, Greg is married and has a teen-age son and daughter. He is very proud of his “any seat, any time” award that he received from Coach Vee and Wendy in 2016.

Rhonda Ahrens – Rhonda uses mornings at the Boulder Rez to get her zen on. She decided to try rowing a couple years ago when she turned 50. Now an aggressive member of the Intermediate squad, Rhonda enjoys racing sweep in an 8. When not spending early morning with BCR she is raising two active Middle Schoolers with her husband. Rhonda owns her own Mfg Rep Firm specializing in high tech electronic components for military and aerospace applications throughout CO, UT & WY.

Wendy Gutcher

Greg Hoffman

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